Empowering parents, providing realistic strategies and  supporting families becoming “unstuck” 





For Parents

Madeleine has more than 15 years experience in

working with parents, children and families and has the

ability to apply empathic and safe interventions for

those faced with a variety of issues.

Madeleine currently also works as a School


Counsellor on the North Shore - Sydney.

"Parenting can be challenging and getting some support & guidance can make a big difference." 


The overwhelming majority of parents I have worked with give preference to Parenting Consultations over the phone. 

The feedback that I have received is that Phone Consultations are not only a highly convenient way to receive advice and support, but are most efficient too, as many parents are time-poor. 

How it works:

  1. Contact Madeleine via email or text

  2. Schedule in an day and a time.

  3. Madeleine will send a reminder text 

  4. Parenting Consultation via phone - This will take around 55 minutes

Costs: A$135 for a 55 minute Phone Consultation.

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